shipping rates

For items other than clothing, not listed at the checkout e.g. electronics and all other inquiries, kindly email us at: or message us on our in-app chat to organise shipment.


    • Currently all items are shipped as Express, hence Economy = Express
    • Items will be checked before shipment; Incorrect items will be returned.
    • Parcel weights are rounded up.
    • All rates stated here are in GBP and include fuel surcharge and VAT. (where applicable).
    • Delivery time as shown above is from the date the item is delivered to the specified UK address. Formultiple deliveries, delivery time will be from the time the last package arrives at the delivery address.
    • Delivery charges may vary depending on the dimensions of the item(s). Shipments are charged based on the actual and volumetric weight.
    • Bemah ltd do not accept any pieces or item(s) not meeting our standards for packing.
    • Rates are exclusive of custom duties, fines or interest thereon, and other government taxes imposed with respect to the provision of services, which shall be for the customer.
    • Items that cost greater than $50 will attract a duty at the time of collection.
    • Delivery Time as shown above is an estimated delivery time.
    • Maximum weight order weight is 30kg after which a new order has to be placed.